Dub Rhyme

Bring the love of karaoke to your very own phone with the new app, Dub Rhymes.
Children can record themselves as they sing along to these children’s classics.
Brought to you by, this app will delight your child with fantastic graphics and animation. Let the karaoke party begin!

Reading Friends: Diving Adventure A to Z

Diving Adventure A to Z

Alphabets Intoduction

Deep Sea Diving Adventures a-z is designed for children ages 2-6. This app helps prepare children for reading by incorporating crucial pre-literacy skills, such as letter/keyword sounds, letter recognition, letter order, and initial phoneme identification.

Reading Prehistoric

Alphabets Intoduction

Children will complete 10-15 games within each lesson and can revisit any previous lessons to reinforce what they've already learned. This repetition gives children the needed practice for these skills to become ingrained in their long-term memory.

Reading Friends: Matching Game

Matching Game

Alphabets Intoduction

Children will be trained in long-term visual memory with the fun of three unique settings. It will also help children in better concentration, attention to detail, ability to maintain focus and improve the ability to find similarities and differences in objects.